Purpose of the Banking survey

The purpose of this survey is to give an overview of the financial performance of the banking industry of Pakistan during the year 2015 and compare the performance of different banks with the preceding year. For this purpose, the banking sector is divided into following three categories, namely:
 Private Banks
 Public Sector Banks
 Islamic Banks
There are other classifications of the banking sector as well, but the selected categories cover the broad classifications of each sector. The information contained in this survey has been obtained from the published consolidated financial statements of the banks, statistical bulletins and quarterly / annual reports published by State Bank of Pakistan (“SBP”), analysts and research reports and information published in business magazines and newspapers.
To enhance the understanding of ratios and analysis of performance of a particular bank, reference should be made to the published financial statements of the banks and glossary included at the end of this survey. We have tried to provide relevant financial analysis of banks, which we thought would be useful for benchmarking and comparison purposes.