Audit services have been long considered as traditionally legal requirements for Companies. However, in line with recent shift in global audit perspective, we have realigned ourselves and have shifted our focus on the creation of value for the entities being audited.  

The regulatory environment for corporations in Pakistan is growing in complexity. The auditors are assisting clients in ensuring that weaknesses in internal controls are being addressed and compliance is made to the emerging needs of reporting and regulatory requirements. The business environment is rapidly changing and new challenges are constantly creating new opportunities. The stakeholders, particularly the shareholders, need accurate, timely, and reliable financial information to be able to take correct decisions in prioritizing the use of their investments and resources. Further, regulators have also started working with auditors as partners to implement and strengthen Corporate Governance. Thus, the role of auditors can now easily be spoken as assurance providers as well as advisors to various stakeholders.

At Junaidy Shoaib Asad we are redefining our role that not only we provide the required assurance but also help the corporations to identify weaknesses and manage both business and financial risks. We are creating value for our clients by helping them to identify and understand the risks that so far have not even arisen to a prominent level. Since, competing globally, the businesses have to be proactive on risk management, we are there to help them in this ever complex process.

Our core areas of audit and assurance comprise the following:

  • Statutory audits and Reviews
  • Internal audit
  • Management audits, cost audits and performance audits
  • Review of Internal Controls and Corporate Governance 
  • Certifications on regulatory requirements  
  • Compilations and other agreed-upon procedures.
  • IFRS compliance reporting 

The Firm by virtue of its long-standing professionalism and excellent market repute is on the panel of various local Government and Regulatory bodies. These panels include:

  • State Bank of Pakistan 
  • USAID Pakistan 
  • Audit Oversight Board
  • Panel of Auditors for Insurance companies by SECP
  • Panel of Auditors for Brokers and Brokerage Houses by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited
  • Panel of Auditors maintained by Central Depository Company (CDC)

The Firm is also recognized by following Professional bodies as approved training provider:

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan 
  • The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW)